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Orsun Group 2019 Spring Campus Recruitment in Full Swing!


Recruiting the best talents from all over the country. On March 21, the 2019 spring campus recruitment of Orsun Group officially kicked off, offering olive branches to outstanding students from key universities nationwide. From March 21 to 25, the activity was successively carried out in Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Tongji University.


At a time when cherry blossoms are blooming, the campus recruitment become a beautiful sight on campus. The recruitment promotion meeting was held in a warm and orderly manner. Many students who had learned of the information in advance came very early to occupy a seat. So, no seat was left unoccupied in the classroom when the meeting began.

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Recruitment site in Tongji University

The promotion meeting first introduced the specific process and details of the 2019 Campus Recruitment. This year’s recruitment covers design, engineering, finance, marketing and other positions, providing students with sufficient choices. Representatives of Orsun Group's senior executives successively introduced the Group's enterprise development, enterprise culture and mission, industry prospects, career planning of the recruitment, and personal promotion channels. The students listened carefully and kept records from time to time so as not to omit any valuable information of the enterprise. In the on-site question-and-answer session, the students actively raised various questions. The executives answered patiently and humorously one by one, which was received with warm rounds of applause. The students present also received exquisite gifts as a souvenir.


Recruitment site in Wuhan University




Recruitment site in Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Recruitment site in Tongji University

Orsun Group has a complete set of policy support for the training and promotion of the students recruited. For their first job in the society, the students, after careful consideration and selection, successively submitted their resumes. After receiving piles of resumes, Orsun Group arranged a quick yet effective interview for them.


Since its inception in 1997, Orsun Group has formed a diversified industrial cluster covering film & television, education, tourism, hotel, finance, ice & snow, commerce, real estate, etc., ranking among the top 100 real estate enterprises in China, top 50 Chinese real estate enterprises in terms of comprehensive strength, and top 10 brands of Chinese real estate enterprises. Strong platform advantages, good promotion system and excellent corporate culture are exceptionally attractive to college students. They said that they are very willing to enter such a "national and international model" company and start from basic positions and grow up step by step.

From March 26 to 29, the 2019 Campus Recruitment was in full swing in Shanghai Jiaotong University, Sichuan University, Hefei University of Technology, Renmin University of China and other national key universities, hoping to create more values for the society while helping students to realize their own values.

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