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Orsun Public Welfare Activities for Autistic Children Underway


Autistic children are called "Children of Stars". Immersed in their own world, they isolate themselves from everything outside, just like birds trapped in cages. The tolerance, warmth and love of each of us are the strength to support them in breaking away from the "cage" to enjoy the beauty of the world alongside us.


On the afternoon of March 24, the children from Orsun headquarters and industrial companies who were born during January-March spent an unforgettable birthday party together with those autistic children from the "Love Workshop", a mutual aid organization for autistic youth.

"Love Workshop", also known as "Wuhan Shou Wang Xing Yuan Autistic Family Mutual Aid Service Center", is the first non-profit private organization in Wuhan that was sponsored by parents of autistic children and specializes in serving autistic people and their families. It is a place that provides vocational training and sheltered employment for autistic children of over 14 years old.  This birthday party was held here in order to let them celebrate a meaningful birthday, hoping that more and more people can pay attention to the autistic group and the families behind the.

Happy Birthday to You

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ~ ~" With the singing of the familiar song Happy Birthday to You, the autistic children and Orsun's little friends clapped hands together and shared the delicious birthday cake. The former also presented the birthday cards written by themselves to the latter.




In the interaction session, Orsun's little friends guided the autistic children to make clay crafts bake cookies, play paper cup games and on-table games together. The little friends repeated instructions and taught them hand in hand over and over again, and the autistic children learned carefully. These things are simple for ordinary people, but it requires countless attempts and hard work to teach them. Therefore, every time they complete an action according to instructions, the little teachers would feel deeply moved and delighted.




Through the public welfare activity, people began to realize that this group is different. The little friends from Orsun carefully asked the staff of the workshop about the conditions of the children and expressed their willingness to give more help and care to this group on a regular basis. They have deeply felt the importance of the integration of the autistic children with the society. By showing love and friendship within our capabilities, we can do our part to help others and make their life more meaningful. And that is why Orsun Group has carried out this public welfare activity.

The Orsun people have long been active in carrying out public welfare activities

"Contribute to the country and society by our industry". Although it is in a period of quality and rapid development, Orsun Group, clearly aware of its great social responsibility, has been active in fulfilling its new CSR missions and tasks in the new era.


Over the years, Orsun Group has spared no effort in helping people out of poverty and plunged itself into social welfare causes for vulnerable groups so as to spread love and positive social energy.

In the future, more public welfare activities such as "Star Youth" will be carried out to bring warmth and light to those in difficulty.

Orsun Group also calls on Orsun families to warm the world with love and let more people enjoy the sunshine of Orsun Group.


Autism is a relatively serious pervasive developmental disorder with brain which has nothing to do with family upbringing. The incidence of the disease varies significantly between men and women, and the ratio of male to female is about 6-9:1 in China. The main symptoms are:

1. Problems with social contacts: Generally reflected in lack of communication or communication skills, lack of safe attachment relationship with parents, etc.

2. Problems with language communication: Language development is immature, or language retrogression occurs after normal language development, or language is not to the point in communication;

3. Repeated stereotype behaviors

At present, there are many intervention methods for autism, but most of them lack evidence of evidence-based medicine. The best treatment method is individualized training and treatment. The purpose is to promote the patient's language development, improve their social communication skills, and help them develop basic life skills and learning skills.

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