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Orsun in the 8 Minutes’ Video at the Promotion Event of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Presenting Hubei Province


On July 12, 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a promotion event presenting Central China's Hubei province under the theme of "China in the New Era: Hubei, from the Yangtze River to the World" at the Blue Hall of the Ministry. In the eight-minute video presenting Hubei's beautiful scenery and rapid development, shots of mountains, rivers, Yellow Crane Tower, as well as numbers of modern cities, Hubei presents its unique civilization full of charm being a home of romantic and magnificent culture and urban development.

Hubei is an important transportation hub in China. In the eight minutes’ video, we cannot neglect the image of Wuhan being the capital city of Hubei. Even at a glimpse, Orsun Century City located at 150 million squares of Binjiang Hub Complex in Wuhan Binjiang business district impresses us a lot. Standing at Two-Seven Yangtze River Bridge and the junction of second ring road south to north, Orsun Century City Mall with a total construction area of 240,000 square meters is the first phase of business project of Orsun Century City. It is a multi-functional recreational and leisure center which integrates shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment, cultural exhibition, life services etc., covering needs of all members in a family.

(Screenshot of Orsun Century City, in 8 minutes’ Video Presenting Hubei)

The buildings of Wuhan Jiangshan, Orsun Lanyuan, Orsun Lanjun, V Mansion in Orsun Century City Project are well known for winning Award of China Real Estate Local Project TOP 10 Brand, Prize of The Most Valuable Resident House for Investment, Award of Top 10 Valuable Commercial Real Estate for Investment 2011, 2011 The Most Valuable Wuhan Real Estate for Investment, Annually Best Real Estate for Value-added.

(Orsun Century City Project)


(Wuhan Jiangshan)

(Screenshot from 8 Minutes’s Video Presenting Hubei

Yangtze River has been running ceaselessly while innovations keep changing our life. Even at the development speed of Optical Valley which never stops Orsun Group occupies the center at Optical Valley with market positioning as a sports leisure town – Orsun Optical Valley Pengpai City, apart from the concept to share community sports projects of Optical Valley International Tennis Center, Hubei Olympic Sports Center, Er’fei Mountain Sports Park, Orsun Pengpai covers community services such as ice and snow sports center, ice and snow business street, etc., leading the style of internationally leisure sports life. It is no doubt that Orsun Ice and Snow Concept can be told in three major towns in Wuhan. The International Ice and Snow Sports Tourism (Orsun) Town project with investment of about 8 billion by Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (WEDZ) is a strategy of Orsun Group under the policy of North Ice Migrates to South to build up a world-class sports tourism town featured with ice and snow sports. The project covers a variety of core functions such as Dream Kingdom, Snow and Ice Extreme Sports Park, and Holiday Hotel, Intelligent Ecological Creative Center, and Full-age Education International School District, to further enhance the value of modern city, and boos in the innovation to be the first North Ice Migrates to South demonstration city in Wuhan.

(Orsun Optical Valley Pengpai City)

(Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (WEDZ)Orsun Pengpai City)

Let’s look around Hubei Enshi, Orsun has built one-stop tourism and commercial complex there of 60 million squares (Welcome Center for Tourists in Enshi). Enshi Suobuya Stone Forest developed carefully by Orsun is known as the first Ordovician Stone Forest in Hubei province located in Taiyanghe county of Hubei province. It was formed 460 million years ago during Ordovician period with 21 squares of kilometers covering national AAAA tourism scenic spot where beautiful and magnificent landscapes can be seen, and there is sloppy and sharp mountains, full of secret fossil monuments; everywhere can be seen as an ancient geological museum. The mountains are charming with ancient mysteries, the rivers are beautiful, the people there are nice and smart, we cannot agree more that beautiful scenery nurtured magnificent Hubei culture, contains bright oriental charm.

(Enshi Orsun Century City)

 (Enshi Suobuya Stone Forest)

Orsun Group develops further and deeper as the Yangtze River runs toward seas. Orsun will uphold the mission of Providing Continuously Product and Services Value-added that Exceeding Customers’ Expectations to run deep in Hubei, and layout nationwide, taking Orsun Ice and Snow Town, Ice Snow Business Complex, and Ice and Snow Sports Mall as carrier to create ice sports leisure lifestyle for customers and promote urban and industrial development together. With the brand idea of Let life full Sunshine, Orsun does his best to make customers and consumers have wonderful experience from the multi-dimensional industrial products provided, feel the wonder of sunshine. Live a life full of sunshine!

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