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Orsun Academy Lecture Begins Accelerate the Growth of Enterprise Talents



Cultivate talents that fit the enterprise culture of Orsun, improve the competitiveness of talents, inject momentum to its sustainable development and promote the change of organization are Orsun Academy’s mission.  In Jun.30, and Jul.1, Orsun Academy carried out the lecture of real-estate theme, commercial theme and business reception courtesy.


Wu Jianqiang who is the vice chairman of Orsun Academy and executive vice president of Orsun Group firstly explained in detail real estate development process for members. He provided a lecture that is full of useful knowledge with accurate field data, classical operational cases and in-depth analysis for members.


Lecturers of Orsun Group bring a lecture concerning real-estate major


The general manager of Investment Development Center of Orsun Real-estate Group Cai Min

Teaching content: key points to obtain land


The general manager of Research and Development Center and Assistant President of Arsun Real-estate Group Zhou Qiongyu

Teaching content: products management in the complete period of real-estate development

Lectures of Orsun Group Commercial Company bring professional lectures concerning commercial management


The general manager of Orsun Group Zhang Chihui

Teaching content: the development and trend of commercial real estate


The general manager of Orsun Century Plaza Yue Xin

Teaching content: key points in operating commerce


Left: Director of Research and Planning Department of Orsun Commercial Company  Zhang Weixing

Teaching content: commercial planning and orientation 

Right: Vice director of Orsun Commercial Company Brand Promotion

Teaching content: promotion management of shopping center marketing


Left: Director of merchant grand client center of Orsun Century Plaza Cao Qing

Teaching content: basic conditions and attract-investment thoughts of employees who attract investment

Right: Manager of Engineering Department of Aoshan Century Plaza Dai Yun

Teaching content: required technical knowledge, skills and standards of second decoration of large-scale shopping center

Business reception is the most direct manifestation mode of enterprises culture and spirits for employees in the field of external relations. In the course concerning business reception courtesy organized by Orsun Academy, it combines actual cases to improve employees’ quality and image, grasp details and establish enterprises’ great image according to the demands of enterprise development. Related employees who engage in reception work participate in the lecture actively.


Director of the Office of the Chairman of Aoshan Group Zhang Fan

Teaching content: Business Reception Courtesy

Lecturers share cases and members interact positively, creating strong learning atmosphere


During intense and sustainable course lasting two days, lecturers’ in-depth fantastic lectures by quoting and citing make members learn a lot and gain multitudes of practical knowledge. They think that they will apply acquired knowledge into work, positions and management.


In the future, Orsun Academy will organize various professional lectures aiming at each field constantly, truly making the Academy become the engine that cultivates talents, inherit the culture, enhance organization intelligence and promote Orsun revolution. 

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