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Enshi Tourist Reception Center (Enshi
Orsun Century City) is located at the transport hub linking Hubei Enshi Railway Station, Enshi Long Distance Passenger Depot and Xujiaping Airport. The first phase of property which launched in December 2012 is expected to put into service in April 2015. Enshi Tourist Reception Center (Enshi Orsun Century City) covers an area of nearly 400 mu. Based on the advantage of ‘West Hubei Ecological & Cultural Tourism Dsitrict’policy, ‘Enshi Tourist Reception Center (Enshi Orsun Century City)’, combines modern style with local folk characteristics which is driven by a vision to be the tourism landmark and leisure center in Enshi.

Enshi Orsun Century City: 0718-8021111


    Enshi Tourist Reception Center is located in the intersection of Shizhou Road (national highway 209) and Jingui Road. It borders on Jingui Road in the south and Shizhou Road in the east. There are municipal roads adjacent to Enshi Railway Station and Long-distance Passenger Depot in the west and north. In general, it is in the center of Jingui Road Long Feng New Area which enjoys convenient transportation and is going to be the biggest distribution center of Enshi.

    The building integrated of eight ancient tales and the story of Tujia people is full of Enshi features. The interior of the building takes the eight ancient tales, i.e., Horn Square, Hitching Post, Tenglong Cave, Friendship near the Pannier, White Tiger Square, Stilted Buildings , Chieftain Worship and Salt Source together with story of Tujia people as background. These tales and stories endow the project with soul and it makes the travelers enjoy the sights as they move.The building complex is full of artistic and cultural deposits and an epitome of the old city, which shows us the long lost living scenes of citizens in this old city and enables consumers to experience the charm of folklore characteristic and cultural life of Enshi.

    There are abundant resources in the surrounding; it’s very convenient to walk or take one stop to arrive, and EnshiWangwang Kindergarten, Jiangcheng Hope Primary School, Jinzi Secondary School, Jinzi Kindergarten, No. 2 High School of Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, and Hongmiao Elementary School are close to the surrounding; there are abundant living procurement resources and it takes one stop to arrive, Jinziba Countryside Shop of Oriental Market, Jinzi Supermarket, Siyuan Supermarket, Hongyuan Supermarket and other large-scale supermarkets meet your living needs; Hongmiao Postal Savings, Agricultural Bank of China (southwest of the clinic of Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture) and other bank resources are close and convenient to meet daily needs.

    As the biggest distribution center in the railway station trade area in the future, the apartment with the area of 45-70 square meters is both suitable for investment and living. Simultaneously, the professional hotel operation management team of Argyle Hotel and Jin Jiang Inn has been invited to mange the apartment in the way and style of a starred hotel. There is no doubt that it will boost the confidence of investor. The impression that living function will be affected because of small space is completely eliminated by the concise, square and featured inner structure.
  • Honors:

    -Enshi Orsun Century City was rewarded as the most expected apartment in Enshi Prefecture.

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