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Orsun Introduces Swedish Ice Hockey Teaching System and Launches “Wuhan Ice Hockey Elites Tryout”



Orsun Introduces Swedish Ice Hockey Teaching System and Launches

 “Wuhan Ice Hockey Elites Tryout”



        This June, Orsun Group will introduce the international club teaching system and premium foreign teachers and resources and launch the “Wuhan Ice Hockey Elites Tryout” by cooperating with Sweden-based Sports Republic Ice Hockey International College. The event will be jointly sponsored by Orsun Ice Rink, located in Orsun Century Plaza, and the above Sports Republic Ice Hockey International College. The players with outstanding results will have the opportunities to sign contracts with Orsun International Ice Hockey Club and receive free Swedish ice hockey trainings. The mass election for the tryout will be held on June 8th and 9th inside Orsun Ice Rink.

        On the press conference held on the first floor of Orsun Century Plaza in the afternoon on June 2nd, the reporter learned that the Swedish teaching system and foreign teachers and other resources, introduced by Orsun, cover the professional guidance for children with zero basis and adults with certain skills and make the lovers of ice and snow sports really receive ice hockey trainings of international standards and enjoy the pleasure of such sports. This also marks that the ice hockey teaching and training of relevant talents will be professional and systematic in Wuhan so as to improve the sport in many schools, carry out competitions and exchange activities for teenagers, and promote the overall ice hockey competition level of Wuhan. 

        Supported by SHL, one of top three ice hockey leagues worldwide, the Sports Republic Ice Hockey International College specially trains the athletes of Swedens national team each year. According to Mike, head coach of the college, Chinas ice and snow sports are still in its development stage, and many enthusiastic teenagers hope to get more professional guidance and trainings. It is expected that the cooperation with Orsun Group can train more excellent ice and snow sports players for China. In addition, he also displayed the ice hockey teaching and advanced teaching system. Some present young players also had the opportunities to interact with the coaches to jointly displaying ice hockey skills.

        Ms. Yuan Yirong, General Manager of Orsun Group Industry Development Center, and relevant managers, Wenisha, Partner of Sports Republic, Mr. Cao Jian, Principal of the International Ice Hockey College, Mr. Mike, Head Coach of the college, Mr. Martin, Assistant Coach of the college, and many trainees and their parents, skating amateurs, and friends from the press attended the press conference.

        As one of the pioneers of China’s ice and snow sports industry, Orsun Group has spared no efforts to develop the ice and snow sports culture industry by actively responding to China’s strategy of “carrying out ice and snow sports in South China” and the 13th Five-Year Planning for the sports industry development. On one hand, it has been conducting light assets management output by operating ice and snow venues, performing educational trainings for teenagers, organizing events and operating a club; on the other hand, it has established ice and snow-themed complex projects nationwide. So far, it has established five ice and snow sports and culture complexes in Wuhan and Chongqing. It will enhance the ice and snow sports and tourism and comprehensively promote the industrialization of China’s ice and snow sports and culture industry by giving full play to its experience, advantages and local resources and conditions.


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