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Orsun Star City is located in the core section of the new Huangjinshan multiple industry development zone in the south of Huangshi, Hubei. The project is at the crossing of Jinshan Avenue and Shenshuiquan Road, just cross a tunnel away from the downtown of Huangshi. There are perfect education facilities in this area and the project is close to No.1 Huangshi Middle School, one of the famous schools in Huangshi. The overall floorage of Orsun Star City is 0.70 million square meters. As one of projects in the sub-downtown of Huangjinshan Development Zone, Huangshi, it is a large urban complex integrating comprehensive commerce, LOFT apartment, high-rise residential buildings and garden houses.

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    Orsun Star City is located in the core section of the new Huangjinshan multiple industry development zone, namely intersection of Gold Mountain Avenue and Shengshuiquan Road. It is also located on the principal axis of Gold Mountain Industrial Zone scene. The two vertical and horizontal roads in front of its gate are main road in east-west and south-north direction respectively. It is adjacent to Huangshi No.1 High School and the central area of WUS Printed Circuit (kunshan) Co., Ltd. with Jinpai, Mailyard, Aerospace Cable, Torch Science and Technology and other large companies. Thus, this project has favorable geographical location.

    Orsun Star City adopts short shrubs and arbors to form a natural barrier to replace conventional brick wall, building a well-proportioned garden. Except for the five-fold and three-dimensional plants arrangement and colors combination in four seasons, future workability of owners is also considered. Meanwhile, the project adopts two mutually complementary building styles. No matter enduring German style houses or fashionable and magnificent modern simple style of high rise houses value quality and utility function. Under the premise of ensuring the environmental harmony and uniformity of the whole park, they conserve their own characteristics and meet the comfort of living through stratified space design.

    [Two mountain parks] The two exclusive private mountain parks have well-proportioned ecological landscape including 100 kinds of vegetation, 3000 trees, 562 square meters of lawn, 78 square meters of white sand, 1000 meters of mountain-surrounding runway and ecological tea tree garden.
    [50,000 square meters of featured business street] 50,000 square meters of health maintenance street in the project will open its organic life supermarket, health maintenance and diet hall and other facilities to provide you with all-around health maintenance services.
    [Public leisure center] In the project plan, public leisure center is built with fitness facilities and basketball court as well as children’s playground, indoor gymnasium, senior citizen activity center and other exclusive facilities.

    Orsun Star City builds the most comfortable ecological dwellings with high-quality and innovative buildings. 89-142㎡ health maintenance high-rise houses including compact two-room, transparent three-room and comfortable and livable four-room suites all have 360 degrees of view and good living function and appropriate scale. Your foreign style house is equipped with the pioneer “housekeeper of building” to ensure your personal safety; independent exclusive elevator facilitates your life; multifunctional basement greatly improves the utility ratio of house type; starry sky gazebo and courtyard garden enrich your daily life.
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    -2013-2014 Annual Good Real Estate with the Most Investing Value on the Popularity List of Huangshi Real Estate Network
    -2013Award Ceremony of Hubei Real Estate Fashion List
    -2013 Annual Fashion Real Estate

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