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Communication and Exchange, Collaborate and Progress Together


Communication and Exchange, Collaborate and Progress Together 

-- Orsun Group and Jingrui Holdings Successfully Held the Exchange Meeting


On the morning of May 12, 2018, Mr. Yan Hao, co-chairman, executive director and CEO of Jingrui Holdings Co. Ltd., Mr. Xu Haifeng, executive director of board, CEO of Jingrui Real Estate, and other leaders visited Orsun Group for an exchange meeting. Mr. Wu Jiangang, chairman of Orsun Group, Mr. Wu Jianqiang, executive vice president of Orsun Group, Mr. Zhou Fengxue, vice president of Orsun Group, as well as the relevant persons in charge of Orsun Real Estate warmly welcomed the visiting guests. The two parties held discussion and exchanges to share the new ideas for the industry and look forward to the new developments in the future.


 (Mr. Wu Jiangang, chairman of Orsun Group, and Mr. Yan Hao, chairman of Jingrui Holdings, are having a friendly communication) 

Mr. Yan Hao stated that, as a diversified enterprise started from Wuhan and radiating across the country, besides the achievements in real estate, Orsun was also full flowering in areas such as commerce, property management, ice and snow, sports, hotels, and finance, especially the forward-looking in the field of travel and education is admirable. As a non-local enterprise, Jingrui Holdings should learn from Orsun with an open mind to enrich the form of industrial businesses and consult it in depth. Mr. Yan also learned about the specific operating models and development directions of the ice and snow, the education, the finance industries and etc. of Orsun.


 (The topics of the exchange meeting are lively and relaxing)

Mr. Wu Jianqiang professionally supplemented the issues raised by Jingrui Holdings in relation to the land purchasing, the financial channels, and the real estate trends and etc. in Wuhan, and shared views on product planning and excellent management experience and skills.


 (Mr. Wu Jianqiang is exchanging views) 

During the exchange, Mr. Wu Jiangang expressed his warm welcome to the visit of Mr. Yanhao and his party, explained the industrial sector, the developments in recent years and the future development goals of Orsun in details, and thanked Jingrui Holdings for its full trust in Orsun. Mr. Wu Jiangang pointed out that, as a listed company in Hong Kong, Jingrui Holdings has achieved many exciting honors. As a benchmarking company in the real estate industry, Jingrui Holdings’ real estate operating model and trading capabilities, especially the full energy and forward-looking eyes reflected in the plan for future development are worthy of learning for Orsun.


 (Representatives of the two companies are taking photos in front of the industrial development staircase wall of Orsun Group)

Through this exchange meeting, both parties expressed their insights, and the atmosphere of the exchange was enthusiastic. The exchange not only provides a bridge for the friendship and cooperation between Orsun Group and Jingrui Holdings but also provides Orsun with a reference for the strategic layout of the national market. Orsun will continue its development path with its consistently high standard and high-efficiency construction standards. It will take a multi-integration nationwide step, reshape the value chain to build an industry highland, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry.



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