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Orsun Academy Established and the First “Special Training Class for War-zone Leaders” Opened


Orsun Academy Established and the First “Special Training Class for War-zone Leaders” Opened

 “Talents have become the bottleneck restricting the rapid development of the current economy. We must cultivate talents suitable for Orsun's corporate culture as quickly as possible, so as to inject vitality into the sustainable development of the company and promote organizational change.” Mr. Wu Jiangang, chairman of Orsun Group and president of Orsun Academy stated at the ceremony for the establishment of the Orsun Academy on May 11. On the same day, Besides Mr. Wu, Mr. Wu Jianqiang, executive vice president of Orsun Group and vice president of Orsun Academey, Mr. Zhou Fengxue, vice president of Orsun Group, and other persons in charge from the headquarter of Orsun Group, various industrial companies, and regional companies of more than 60 people, jointly witnessed the unveiling of the establishment of Orsun Academy, and participated in the first two-day training session for the "War-zone Leaders".


At the ceremony, Mr. Wu Jiangang, Mr. Wu Jianqiang, and Mr. Zhou Fengxue jointly unveiled the Orsun Academy, and awarded employment certificates for the first batch of 30 instructors and professors of Orsun Academy.





 “Orsun is determined to become a century-old enterprise. Only by cultivating and uniting the 'Five Orsun' can we release tremendous energy and push the team to achieve common goals.” As first class of the Orsun Academy, the "Interpretation of Orsun's Corporate Culture" brought by Wu Jiangang officially announced the opening of the first special training course for the "War-zone Leaders".


The academy specially invited two external heavyweight experts to teach. Professor Song Yan, a doctoral tutor from the Marxism School of Wuhan University and the chief expert of the national social science fund major bidding project "Research on the socialist political development road with Chinese characteristics", gave a lecture titled Deep Thinking and Mastering the General Trend: A Major Political Argument with Profound Influence from the 19th CPC National Congress, interpreted in details our country’s new historical position anchored by the CPC’s 19th National Congress, and the new requirements for enterprise development proposed by the new era, the new changes and the new features. So the ideas and actions must be effectively united with the party’s major assertions.


Mr. Chen Xiaotian, the well-known enterprise strategy research expert in the domestic real estate industry, the private strategic consultant with 18 years of experience in real estate business for more than 20 real estate entrepreneurs, and chairman of Yihan Consulting Co., Ltd, brought the Opportunities and Challenges in 2018 for Real Estate Enterprises. Chen deeply analyzed the status quo of the development of housing enterprises with pictures and texts, and explored in detail the opportunities and challenges of development for housing enterprises from the perspectives of power reconstruction and model fission.




Led by Professor Wu Jianqiang, vice president of Orsun Group, and Professor Zhou Fnegxue, vice president of Orsun Group, the first group of lecturers from Orsun Group brought their carefully prepared courses. The first course of the training focused on the ability improvement of the “War-zone Leaders”, with curriculum system ranging from the country’s overall macroeconomic and political trends, the development trend of the nation’s housing enterprises, to the corporate culture of Orsun, and the general capabilities for real estate such as quick turnover, financing, product management, marketing management, and engineering management and etc. The lecturers quoted and cited extensively, explained profound theories in simple language, and brought wonderful lectures to the trainees.



In the final assessment of the training, the trainees were divided into groups to conduct regional simulation operations. Led by the “war-zone leaders”, the team gave the logic of the entire operation derivation in terms of how to realize maximum operational value, rapid sales and repayments, and cash flow balance. The on-site discussion was extremely intense.

New knowledge, new insights, new ideas, and strong output of cross-disciplinary knowledge made trainees responded enthusiastically. They expressed their desire to rapidly transfer the learned experience and knowledge into work, post, and management.

Orsun Academy had officially taken the first step and it would be a long way to go. In the future, the academy will also develop professional courses for various industries and strive to provide every employee with opportunities for personal growth, truly making the academy an engine for cultivating talents, inheriting cultures, improving organizational intelligence, and promoting the transformation of Orsun.


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