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 Wu Jiangang: Establish “Hope Reading Rooms” for Leftover Children


 Wu Jiangang: Establish “Hope Reading Rooms” for Leftover Children


Mr. Wu Jiangang at the charity auction fund-raising scene

   “Knowledge can change people’s fate, and reading can warm children’s minds.” On the second anniversary of reconstruction of Jingxin Academy and fund-raising charity auction for “Jingxin Hope Reading Rooms” held in Wuhan on May 30th, Mr. Wu Jiangang, first Rotating Chairman of Jingxin Academy, Standing Committee Member of Hubei Provincial CPPCC and President of Orsun Group, announced that more than RMB 5 million raised from the event will be given to the account of Hubei Youth Development Foundation for establishing “Hope Reading Rooms”.

    Zhang Zhidong established Jingxin Academy at Wuchang in 1869. On May 30th, 2015, a bunch of entrepreneurs with the sense of mission proposed the reconstruction of Jingxin Academy in Wuhan through crowd funding to inherit and protect outstanding Chinese traditional culture and be committed to cultural programs for public good in a modern manner based on the purpose of “cultural inheritance, wisdom sharing, incubation and innovation”.

     According to Mr. Wu, the rebuilt Jingxin Academy will hold online and offline multi-dimension public services, such as establishing the fund a lecture room for young people to learn traditional culture, establishing a free public morality lecture room for citizens, providing free vegetarian diet for the old, and providing donations for poor students.

    As the first Rotating Chairman of Jingxin Academy, Mr. Wu attached great importance to the significance of Jingxin Academy supporting education and public benefit activities, and he put into practices rapidly.

     In 2015, Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League sponsored “Hope Reading Rooms – Overcome Poverty through Intelligence”, a happy reading program for leftover children from rural primary schools in the poverty-stricken areas of Hubei Province. It was expected that about 1,000 “Hope Reading Rooms” would be established in the rural primary schools at 4,821 poor villages from 37 poverty-stricken counties in Hubei within two years, the program would be operated as per the standard RMB 10,000/reading room.

     Jingxin Academy immediately responded to the program by providing 500 “Jingxin Hope Reading Rooms” in 1,091 poor villages. The donations are mainly used for renovating the conditions of rural primary school reading rooms, delivering high-quality books and bookshelves, organizing reading instructors and volunteers for guiding children to read.

    The first “Jingxin Hope Reading Room” was completed at Liangshui Temple Hope Primary School at Ziqiu Town, Changyang County, Yichang on April 12th, 2016. By the end of 2016, 251 “Jingxin Hope Reading Rooms” have been completed, and the rest 249 reading rooms will be completed before September 10th, 2017.

        During the second anniversary commemoration activity of rebuilding Jingxin Academy, a fund-raising and charity auction activity was held at the same time. All the entrepreneurs unanimously supported the activity. More than RMB five million was raised within several hours, and the fund will be used for the construction of more “Hope Reading Rooms”. 

         According to Mr. Wu Jiangang, he felt happy and delighted for improving the reading conditions of rural children, “We will go to mountainous areas and poverty-stricken areas to provide help for those in need. We believe that Jingxin Academy is still keeping pace with the society about 150 years later no matter in creating new platforms or fulfilling social benefits, the Jingxin Academy will be duty bound to take the lead. We hope that by doing so, more people, enterprises and organizations can pay attention to the reading conditions of rural children in poverty-stricken areas. And they can make their contributions as well to make such children experience the happiness of reading, make them have more knowledge so as to jointly make the Chinese Dream come true!”




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