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Shinan Folklore Museum Stationed in Enshi ORSUN


Shinan Folklore Museum Stationed in Enshi ORSUN

On the morning of April 11, Shinan Folklore Museum was inaugurated at Enshi Reception Center for Tourists and is officially open for business. Leaders from relevant authorities of Enshi as well as experts and scholars in the cultural tourism industry attended the opening ceremony.

As the only one privately operated museum in Enshi Prefecture, Shinan Folklore Museum possesses over 30,000 folklore cultural relics which, having been cherished and donated by folklore culture enthusiasts, show the time span from the Neolithic Age to the Han, Tang, Ming and Qing Dynasties. The museum strives to become the base to carry forward the folklore culture of Enshi and the last station for tourists. On the very day when it was opened, the museum signed cooperative agreements with Research Institute for Folklore of Hubei University for Nationalities, Enshi Prefecture Committee for Ethnic and Religious Affairs, Enshi Tourist Administration, Enshi Tourism Promotion Association, CITS, and BCTS Travel Service, etc., planning to carry out different kinds of folklore research and exchange activities.

In order to bring in Shinan Folklore Museum, Enshi business team paid visits several times for negotiation. Through continuous communication and comparison after exploration, the investors finally gave up other projects and chose Orsun. They expressed their confidence in the business prospect of Enshi Reception Center for Tourists. They also said that Orsun has a good planning for cultural tourism industry, which happens to be similar with the development ideas of the museum. Mr. Pei, the curator of the museum, said that, tourists will know and like Enshi better because of its long-standing and unique folklore culture after they appreciate the folklore collections in the museum.

A museum is the business card of a city and an important symbol which represents the level of urban civilization. The introduction of Shinan Folklore Museum not only enriches the business layout of Enshi Reception Center for Tourists, but also strengthens the cultural status of blocks in the territory of Enshi, letting in newcomers for the construction of cultural tourism industry.

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