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Race at Qiuming Mountain in Enshi. Who will be Crowned as the Cycling God for a New Generation?


Race at Qiuming Mountain in Enshi. Who will be Crowned as the Cycling God for a New Generation?

“Old driver” and “SGMW Glory of Qiuming Mountain” have now become popular network words. Old driver refers to the population with special resources and special skills while the word Qiuming Mountain is from one mythic racing carton, Initial D. However, aside from the “protagonist halo”, when it comes to bend, the “Ten Turnings” located at Taiyang River of Enshi go even farther than Qiuming Mountain! Please look at the pictures.

The road of “ten sharp turnings” is located within the territory of Taiyang River Township of Enshi City in Hubei Enshi Autonomous Prefecture for Tujia & Miao Nationalities, which is a section of Baifeng Road (Baiyangping of Enshi, Hubei to Fengjie County of Chongqing) and gains the name for the ten turnings. Looking down from the sky, this road wraps the mountain like a jade belt, twisting and turning as a snake with many sharp turnings.  

What’s the feeling if racing on this “miraculous” road? It’s frightening! This time, we do not drag racing, but cycle. From April 21st -23rd, the First National Mountain Bike Cycling Invitational Tournament of China Enshi “Suobuya Stone Forest Cup” Taiyang River “Ten Turnings” will be held here. This tournament is sponsored by Enshi Prefecture Government, Enshi Prefecture Tourism Committee, Bureau of Culture, Sports, Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of Enshi Prefecture, undertaken by Enshi Taiyang River Township Government, Orsun Tourism and Enshi Prefecture Cycling Association. The event advocates green travelling to integrate rural economy, rural tourism, cultural activities and external promotion, building an entertainment, sports and tourism festival under all-people participation with the carrier of cycling. At that time, it is expected that more than 50 participating teams across the country will be gathered in Enshi who will perform “speed” by cycling on "Ten Sharp Turnings"!

Some cyclers have gathered at Suobuya Stone Forest to warm up the activity publicity.

This tournament starts from the Square in front of Township Government of Taiyang River of Enshi, via Yudai Road of Ten Turnings of Taiyang River, ends at the new gate of Suobuya Stone Forest scenic spot. During the tournament, interesting events of couple cycling race and BMX demonstration match are arranged, as well as interesting activities of breaking wine bowls by thousands of people, tent camping and bonfire parties.

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