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Orsun Century City project, a 1.5 million square meters commercial complex in riverside district of Wuhan, stands at the southern bank of Erqi Yangtze River Bridge in Wuchang. The overall floorage of Orsun Century City is about 1.5 million square meters, covering 1.15 million square meters riverside residential area and 0.35 million square meters one-stop shopping experience commercial district. The project includes high-end residential buildings, large commercial shopping center-Orsun CC Mall, 5A Office Building, hotels and riverside park. After completion, it will become a landmark complex in Wuhan.


    Orsun Century City is located at the core of Binjiang CBD of Wuchang sitting at the bridgehead of Erqi and connecting Erqi District, Hankou and Qingshan Old District. It is located at the intersection of south-north second ring lines crossing through Qingshan and Xudong. Thus, the project has favorable location. 20 public transport lines realize non-blind area coverage in the whole city. Metro line 5 is connected seamless with the project spanning the richest areas in Wuhan. Wuhan High Speed Railway Station is only 6 kilometers away from the project forming a four-hour city circle of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

    With the design philosophy of “Hailuo Bay”, Orsun Century City arranges hierarchically sloping fields, river rapids, lawn, flowers and arbor forming the five park themes of “flexibility, slowness, peace, immatureness and interest” and seven kinds of scene design and combining building and nature. It has the greening rate of 48.62%, creating a rare whole ecological garden in the region of Central China. Landscape positioning system is adopted to analyze wind directions and sunlight variations at all seasons in a scientific way so as to achieve rational arrangement of green plants and activity area and make the residence more humanized. It adopts new classic style of ART-DECO and ground source heat pump technology inside houses, creating providential exquisite building in the balance of function and beauty.

    Orsun Century City equips itself with the family shopping center OrsunCCMALL of 240,000 square meters, which integrates large-scale department stores, brand supermarkets, star Cinemas, digital home appliances, home furnishing and decoration, gourmet dining, leisure and recreation and finance office with hotels and other types of property to meet the daily required eating, drinking, playing, enjoying and shopping of the residents all round; meanwhile the project is adjacent to the Yangtze River, and the Riverside scenic spot can walk to, which creates the most comfortable living environment for people. Rich medical resources and school resources exist in the surrounding, next to Wuhan General Hospital, Puren Hospital and Wuhan Ninth Hospital; walk or take one stop to Ninth Primary School of First Metallurgical, Third Middle School of First Metallurgical, Hongwei Road Middle School, the No. 3 High School of WISCO, the No. 4 High School of WISCO, Wuhan No. 49 Middle School, Wuhan University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University of Technology.

    House design of Orsun Century City fully observes the principles of nature, comfort and humanization combing magnificence and utility. Every house has good ventilation, daylighting and viewing function taking owner’s elegant aesthetic taste into consideration. It mainly includes 90-175 square meters of house type to meet the growing demands of different families. Ground source heat pump technology is adopted inside house to build a livable space with “constant temperature, constant humidity and constant oxygen” and realize the maximization of comfort of living.
  • Honors:

    -Won “TOP10 China’s real estate regional project brand in quality” in 2014
    -Won “TOP10 China’s real estate regional project brand in quality” in 2013
    -"New landmark of top 10 complexes in China in 2013-2014"
    -"Trustworthy real estate company for consumers in 2012"
    -“Binjiang Commercial Zone of Wuhan-Orsun Century City The complex with the highest investment potential in central China”
    -“The most salable real estate in the half of 2012”
    -“Gold plate award of central China in 2011--Orsun Century city-- landmark urban building complex”
    -"Driving force award of Wuhan real estate in 2011”
    -"Gold business in 2011--Orsun Century City”
    -"Commercial real estate model award of central China in 2011”
    -"The most influential real estate in Wuhan in 2011-2012”
    -"Annual value-conserved and value-added real estate”
    -Acquired “annual fashionable landmark of Binjiang” in 2012
    -"The real estate with the highest investment value in Wuhan in 2011 ”
    -"Award of one of top ten commercial real estates with the highest investment value in 2011 ”
    -Acquired “award of house with the highest investment value ” in 2011

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