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  • With an influx of culture into Hubei, Dreams will come true along the Yangtze River


    06 Surging Intelligence, Luck of the Culture

    14 2016 Chinese Culture Industry Summit & The First Culture Creativity of Hubei

    16 Zhou Hei Ya was successfully listed

    With an influx of culture into Hubei, Dreams will come true along the Yangtze River

    20 To Build a Dream Together and Achieve Win-win

    The 3rd Anniversary of the Plaza, Facing the Revolution and Innovation

    46 The Grand Join Forces: Art of the Collection’s Edition

    58 CGV Watching Guide

    60 Brand Distribution Guide for Orsun Century Plaza

  • To Walk with You, in the Three-year-long Path


    12 2016 Asset Securitization Forum in Wuhan successfully Was Successfully Held

    14 Crossborder -- Jiangxin Serve as “Product Manager” of Bestore

    16 Orsun Century Plaza: To Walk with You, in the Three-year-long Path

    18 Focus to Build up the Future

    40 The Cup of Coffee That Warm Our Lives

    42 “Cute Tea” in the Busy Streets

    46 Main Scenes of The Microfilm “Five Orsuns” Finished Shooting

    52 Brand Distribution Guide for Orsun Century Plaza

    54 CGV Watching Guide

  • From Hubei to Rio


    06 With Spirit Alone, You Cannot Win

    14 For Five Years in A Row Orsun Was Elected As “Top 10 Real Estate Enterprises in terms of Brand Value in Central China”

    16 Fifth Price Reduction of MUJI

    18 From Hubei to Rio

    40 The Commercial Miracle in “Optics Valley Fairy Tale”

    44 Suobuya: The Stone City Blessed by God

    50 Luxury for Business Trips

    56 Brand Distribution Guide for Orsun Century Plaza

    58 Plaza Sales Information

  • The Best of Times

    06 When Cultural Industry Embraces a boom

    14 2016 China Cultural Industry Summit to be Held in Wuhan

    16 Time-Honored TCM Manufacturing Enterprise Launches Wechat Business

    18 The Best of Times

    38 Meet in Enshi

    50 In the Name of Faith

    52 Retrace the Red Army Route and Renew the Patriotic Spirit

    62 ORSUN Century Plaza Brands Distribution Map

    64 Plaza Promotion Information

  • Suobuya Returns


    06 Suobuya: Attract World Attention

    14 ORSUN appraised as First-Class Real Estate Development Enterprise

    16 Häagen-Dazs Releases Almond & Tofu Flavor

    18 Suobuya Returns

    46 Faith in a War

    48 Happiness of a Peaceful Mind

    50 Pay Tribute to ORSUNNERS

    56 ORSUN Century Plaza Brands Distribution Map

    58 Plaza Promotion Information

  • Dream Catcher


    06 In The Mundane World, It Is Never Out Of Date to Catch Your Dream

    14 Orsun Community, Endeavors on New Journey

    16 ONLY: Start a Comfortable Spring with a Soft-Color Spectrum

    18 Dream Catcher

    40 The Destiny of Fantasy and Soul

    44 Orsun Fighting as a Community

    56 Orsun Century Plaza Brand Locations Information

    58 Square's Special Offers

    60 CGV Movie Guide

  • CCMALL: I'm two years old


    06 Moving on with Encouragement to Embrace the Sunshine

    14 Grand Opening of Argyle Hotel on November 20

    16 Conscious Action Series Activities for Environmental Protection of H&M in 2016

    18 Reviews of Events of Orsun Group in 2015

    26 CCMALL: I'm two years old

    48 Nobodies in the General Background

    58 Brand Distribution Guidelines in CCMALL

    60 Special Offers for Christmas in CCMALL

    62 CGV Movie Review

  • I am waiting for you in Enshi


    06 The inheritance of national culture

    14 Orsun Group being reelected as "Central China Real Estate Company Brand Value TOP10"

    16 Alipay trending into fast fashion

    18 I am waiting for you in Enshi

    40 Eastern sentiments with Western emotions

    44 Flawless sound of nature

    54 Flowing sunshine, still warmth

    58 Hello, children of the stars

    62 CGV viewing guidance

  • Find out A Cool Place to Stay!


    P06 Orsun Leads You to Find "Coolness"

    P14 Mid-year Working Conference for 2015 of Orsun Group Convened Ceremoniously

    P16 Zhouheiya Goes for An Expedition in European Market

    P20 "I" Am not the Iron Man

    P40 Let English Be Dynamic

    P44 Lonely Complaint

    P54 Selling 92,000 Sets of Houses in A Half Year Makes Real Estate Market of Wuhan the Most Popular of the State

    P57 Security Personnel Picks up A Wallet and Returns Tens of Thousands of Money to Owner

  • Location of the Youth


    P06  If you are not brave, soon you will become old

    P14  Jingxin Academy Renews its Culture After More Than A Century

    P16  The First Café of Pizza Hut Opened

    P24  Arm Yourselves with Electronics

    P36  Run Tianyuan: The English-style Butlers are in Vogue

    P40  Childrens' World of Dolphins

    P44  A Show by Royal Families

    P57  Highlight Orsun with the Positive Energy

  • Journals of Journey Lovers


    P06  Go Outside and Make the Life Full of Sunshine

    P14  The Overall Plan of Suobuya Stone Forest Was Discussed and Adopted

    p16  "The Largest Flagship Store in the Universe" of Muji Will Be Set up in China

    p18  With Efficiency in Strict Control and Good Quality in Return, Explore a New Journey for Orsun Jointly

    p22  In Fact, You Have No Idea of What "the Fast and the Furious" Is

    p36  There Is Always a Kind of Shrimps That Suits You

    p42  Camp on the Mountain Top

    p46  Tribute to the Passed World

  • Iask China


    P06 Question closely for sincerely believing in

    P14 Orsun Property Co., Ltd continues to hold a post of 2015 “China Top 100 Real Estate Developer”

    P16 Starbucks cooperates with Master Kong

    P18 Iask China

    P32 Art is around the corner

    P38 A season for picnics that cannot be missed

    P44 Embrace happiness

    P50 Ode to us who are in struggle

  • “New” Wish


    04 Orsun Steps Forward Smilingly with You in 2015

    12 Orsun Family Dream Show Ends Perfectly

    16 “New” Wish

    18 Realize the Wishes

    28 Fruit of Dreaming and Enjoying Orsun

    32 China Dream: Coordinates of the Impetuous Age

    34 Cheng Fei: Let the World See China

    38 New Change, New normality, New Drive



    P04 The Three Values of Finding

    P12 Orsun Group Reelected as “The Top 10 Brand Value of Real Estate Company in Central China”

    P16 My Dear

    P18 To Find: Not to Give up

    P22 Can You Hear the Heartbeat of a City?

    P24 This is a Wonderful Journey

    P28 To Find, the Main Melody of a Nation

    P30 No Action, No Dream

  • My stage


    P04 Stage in our hearts

    P14 H&M autumn and winter sweaters designed by Beckham hit shelves

    P16 My stage

    P22 Family dream moves River City ten times

    P32 Orsun builds the dream

    P47 Fang Datong persists his own way

    P50 CGV: movie review in September and October 

  • Dreamers


    P06 The storehouse is full of rice, and dreams retain.

    P18 Dreamers

    P20 Why all the people are in the "dream"?

    P24 Li Yiyuan: do public welfare in the name of dream

    P32 Hu Qianwen’s "American Dream"

    P34 A gambling without fear of losing

    P52 CGV: movie review in July

    P55 Gain knowledge, temper the will and shape the character

  • Let love sound


    P06 Happiness index

    P18 Let love sound

    P24 I'm afraid it’s too late to love you

    P28 Love of the "Family Day"

    P36 4DX viewing: let love pass through

    P40 Let dreams set sail

    P48 Immersive visual hallucination art

    P54 Cologne: a person's "Sea Utopia"

  • Special gifts


    P14 OrsunCCMALL’s grand opening

    P16 Chow Tai Fook launched colordrops iconic series

    P18 2014 lust list

    P20 The splendid pearl on south Riverside

    P35 Orsun, a dream practice of urban Riverside

    P36 Encounter on the ice and snow

    P38 4DX viewing, let love pass through

    P39 Love wisdom

    P40 Come to HM for bargain hunting now!

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Wechat scans for instant concern

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