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Orsun Argyle Hotel is a city business boutique hotel in Enshi City which integrates luxurious rooms, professional conferences, sports fitness, beauty salon and high-end shopping. Located at the intersection of Enshi Avenue and JinGui Avenue in Enshi City, Hubei Province, the project is invested with about 300 million yuan, with 20,000 square meters of construction area, and 70m in height.The hotel boasts 245 guest rooms, including standard rooms, business rooms, specialty suites, and executive suites, and is supported by facilities like  multi-function halls, small and medium meeting rooms, fitness center, SPA, chess table, and KTV. The hotel has a Chinese restaurant "Full Aromatic Chamber" and a western cafe "Champs Island", and special restaurants matched with local tourism.

Enshi City boasts "astonishing landscape and paradise-like beauty”. As the birthplace of the ancient Ba Culture and the core area of eco-cultural tourism in western Hubei, it's rich in tourism resources. Daba Mountain, Wushan Mountain and ranges of Wuling Mountains meet here. Qingjiang River, the mother river of the Tujia people formed here. Tenglong Cave, the world's most spectacular cave is also an unique tourist destination.

Located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone, Enshi City, Orsun Argyle Hotel integrates dining, business and leisure, and will serve as the carrier of the urban cultural spirit and temperament of Enshi, boosting Enshi tourism industry development with double engines of “resort and holiday base”.

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