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The main business of Orsun property management is commissioned by residential real estate developers, commercial real estate developers and comprehensive real estate developers to provide the professional property management service based on the property management commission contract. The mentioned service includes the consultation at the early stage of construction, the service during the sales, the advice during the engineering planning and maintenance, reconstruction and renovation of the management projects such as the house building and its facilities, public facilities, landscaping, sanitation, traffic, security and environmental appearance after the owners dwelling. In additions, Orsun property management also provides comprehensive services for owners and users of real estates.

We always adhere to the principle of integrity orientation, service innovation and the science-led development, always follow the scientific, standard, modern, professional and humanized management ideas, stick to the guiding ideology of pursuing social satisfaction  in practice to a great extent, advocate the management philosophy of “encouraging employees enjoy work and life”, pursue excellent management and share the creative achievements.

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