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  • The design of the whole project, which includes architectural design, interior design, pool area design etc. was conducted by top designers from America, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Its landscape design was conducted by American famous designer, Ms. Catherine, who used to be the designer of Hollywood star manor, Beverly Hills.

  • Yuexi peninsula hot spring cube is the largest indoor hot spring hall in the world. It is a great oval building which adopts double-layer glass fibre reinforced plastic structure, as well as the first 24-hour hot spring park in China, and all kinds of hot spring pools and the latest water entertainment facilities in the world are available here. The scenic spot is built down the hillside, and the existing vegetation and ecosystem remain intact, flowers and plants of four seasons are planted in a wide range, all of these will make it the top hot spring scenic landscape spot. Its unique feature of hot spring tourism pattern will present the tourists a pleasant change of atmosphere, thus more and more tourist who are enamored of beautiful landscape and idyll would like to come here, which just meet the demands of the current recreational tourism.

  • Yuexi Peninsula International Resort invested by Orsun Group in cooperation with other companies is located at Huzhou Village, Wulin Town, 2.5 Km away from Honghu City of Hubei Province. The Resort covers an area of over 750 mu.

Yuexi Peninsula International Resort

Yuexi Peninsula International Resort invested by Orsun Group in cooperation with other companies has been put into service in September, 2010. Accommodating nearly 0.60 million people each year, the Resort is the biggest all-weather indoor hot spring theme park and one of the best top-end hot spring resorts around China.
Yuexi Peninsula International Resort

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