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  • The eight significant views are the “Live map” to experience the culture of Enshi;
    Horn Square: When Lin Jun’s horn sounds, it will bring wealth, happiness and peace;
    Hitching Post: Faraway guests, please stay;
    Tenglong cave: Dance drama “The dragon conquers the sea”;
    Pannier: Obtain happy marriage for a lifetime;
    White Tiger Square: To commemorate Lin Jun’s brave and enterprising spirits;
    Stilted building: The symbol of hardness and wisdom of Tujia ethnic minority;
    Chieftain Worship: Pray for peace and be blessed by chieftain;
    Salt source: Be blessed by the Goddess of salt and water, Bring prosperity to Tujia ethnic minority.
    The eight significant views, connected by Enshi’s ancient legends and folk culture of Tujia, endow this project with a soul. Displaying original ecological culture and providing comprehensive tourist services is the carrier of concentration of cultural connotation of Enshi city!

  • “ The destination of city tourism and culture” : 26 kinds of Enshi characteristic catering, Enshi famous snacks, distinctive inns, folk culture museum, art gallery, White Tiger commercial street, Tenglong commercial street, shopping street for tourism commodities, Festival Expo, characteristic folk culture industry, all will bring dual experiences of tour and entertainment to the tourists. It’s a kind of leisure cultural tourist real estate.

  • Enshi Tourist Reception Center locates at the Longfeng New Area, Enshi City, adjoins Enshi Railway Station and Enshi Long Distance Passenger Depot. It’s the transfer station for 20 billions tourists from western Hubei, as well the original station of Enshi trains and bullet trains.

Enshi Tourist Reception Center

Enshi Tourist Reception Center (Enshi Orsun Century City) covers an area of nearly 400 mu, with a total floorage of 586,700 square meters. Deriving the essence from the modern architecture aesthetics and the traditional ancient architecture, being guided by Enshi Tujia culture, integrating Chinese and Western style, covering multiple commercial activities, a super complex flagship building is created. Its main plan consists of star hotels, characteristic commercial streets, boutique inns and fashionable apartments. With 8 core functions and precise positioning for the economic trend of Enshi’s tourism, the project provides the tourists from all over the world with one-stop service and meets all-round needs in six aspects such as eating, accommodation, traveling, touring, purchasing and entertaining”.

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