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Orsun Finance is led by assets management, equity merger and fund operation. Orsun Finance participates in stock rights of commercial bank, conducts strategic cooperation with commercial bank, actively explores and continuously innovates various capital operation modes including property private equity, film and TV cultural industry fund and industry merger and acquisition fund, creates diversified strategical development patterns such as property, finance, film and TV and investment, provides superior financial products and professional financial services for customers, and continuously creates value for customers.

    OrsunFinance, pools the wisdom of banks, trust companies, securities companies, third-party wealth management institutions and top private equity fund companies. It focuses on capital operations of property private equity funds and provide investment & financing platform and professional value-added service for the property enterprises , thus getting greater market opportunities for the property enterprises to compete in the future property finance and bringing greater values for the property projects.

    Meanwhile, Orsun Finance has built film and TV cultural industry funds relying on Orsun Film and TV, and it is dedicated on investment in films and television programs such as movies and TV plays and supporting industries such as film and television cultural complex.

Based on this, ORSUN Finance expands the investment management to the industry of movie & TV & culture while establishing the movie & TV & culture industry fund platform, which is based on ORSUN Movie & TV and integrates the resources of famous movie & TV & culture companies. The purpose is to invest in and support the excellent movie & TV works and other culture-related projects.

ORSUN Finance, with a global vision, relies on the local market and follows the spirit of long-term cooperation and result sharing. While nurturing the new-generation business giants, ORSUN Finance provides the abundant investment returns for our investors.

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