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Located at the crossing of the Wuchang bridgehead of ErqiChangjiang River Bridge and Heping Avenue, OrsunCC Mall covers a total floorage of 240,000 square meters. By integrating multiple functions such as shopping, catering, recreation, entertainment, culture exhibition, life service,OrsunCC Mall is a super shopping mall with the largest size, the clearest theme and the most complete types of business within the second ring of Wuhan. It is committed to becoming the most fashion and the most distinctive center for family recreation and fashion life in Central China.

  • Location:

    Bordered by Qingshan District to the east, Hongshan District to the south, Wuchang District to the west, and Jiang’an District to the north, OrsunCC Mall is the place where Wuhan’s four main urban districts converge.

  • activities:

    B2 over 2,000 underground parking spaces, providing intelligent navigation and fare collection system.

    B1 Centering on Wal-Mart Shopping Plaza, one of the Fortune Global 500, B1 of OrsunCC Mall is supplemented by mass retail entertainments, fashionable ornaments, fashionable restaurants and special stores of all kinds of types, etc in the neighborhood.

    F1 OrsunCC Mall mainly runs international popular ornaments, fashion women’s wear, cosmetics, gold jewelry, 3C digital household appliance store, fashionable restaurants, banks, travel agency and fashionable ornaments, etc.

    F2 Supplemented by design area for fashionable hairstyle, fashionable restaurants and fashionable ornaments, F2 of OrsunCC Mall mainly runs popular brand fashion women’s wear area, brand center of leather goods and cases and bags for men and women, household items and leather shoes.

    F3 Centering on sports and leisure and supplemented by specialty catering, F3 of OrsunCC Mall introduces main brands like CGV 4D-IMAX Orsun International Cinema, Orsun ice and snow theme park, Kiki amusement game park, BH fitness, TOP Sports etc.

    F4 OrsunCC Mall mainly runs all kinds of international theme restaurants, mass retail KTV, cosmetics beauty SPA, and parent-child fun park.

  • features:

    [1] 5000㎡greenAtriumMall & 20 mverticalgreen plant wall

    [2] Three Sky lifts(cross-layerlifts) (1-3F,1-4F)

    [3] Large Glass dome with Natural lightillumination

    [4] American StandardWal-Mart(15,000 square), Eurojoy Ice Rink (3000 square) &4D-IMAX CGV Cinemas(11 halls)

    [5]Leading electronic parkingindicator system with over 2,000 underground parking lots.

  • anchor stores:

    The world retail giant Wal-Mart of 15,000 ㎡ heads the list to reside in OrsunCC Mall.
    It is the first over six-star international cinema with function of 4D&IMAX in Central China. CGV Orsun International Cinema is a flagship store in Central China forged by the Asian leading high-end cinema brand CGV and Orsun Group. It is equipped with 11 multifunctional cinema halls like 4D hall, IMAX hall, couple hall, VIP hall etc. By adopting Asia’s first high-end science and technology, CGV Orsun International Cinema provides you with the feeling of being personally on the scene.

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