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Orsun Center, No.778 Gaoxin Avenue, East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan

027-86568829   027-88773968

Miss Hao

Orsun Group Brand Center

Tel: 027-88779271


Miss Jiang

Orsun Group Brand Center



Email of Orsun Group Public Supervision Platform:

Orsun Group advocates and follows the philosophy of win-win cooperation, grows together with the majority of partners, customers and the society, and achieves harmony and win-win.

Cultural tourism incubator

If you are interested in seeking opportunities in tourism, finance, movie and television and other fields for cooperation, we are willing to provide incubation services for enterprises and products with growth value for sincere cooperation and common development.

Cooperation platform of real estate and business

If you are interested in seeking cooperation opportunities in real estate, business and other fields, we are willing to discuss any way of cooperation and have in-depth communication on the future development strategies and cooperation opportunities between both sides.


Sales Hotline

Wuhan Jiangshan:027-86388888

Orsun Guanggu Century City:027-87748888

Enshi Orsun Century City:0718-8021111

Huangshi Orsun Star City:0714-6266888

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