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Sina Hubei: “Agape Tour” of Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark Arrive at Orsun in Wuhan

The movie of “Journey to the West: Demon Chapter” jointly produced by Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark will be released on Lun...


Entrepreneur Delegation of “2016 Chinese Cultural Industry Summit” Come to Hubei for Inspection

Over 30 cultural entrepreneurs from China Cultural Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector (CCCCPS) made up the entre...


Orsun Group Has Made Great Achievements

There was a saying of “Orsun is coming” making people in Enshi full of expectation. Now years have passed, Orsun Group h...


Enshi Daily: Suobuya Stone Forest Tourist Attractions Once Again Welcoming Visitors

"The beautiful landscape of Suobuya Stone Forest is never inferior to Lunan Stone Forest in Yunnan!" On March 7, after i...


China News Service: The Traffic Determines the Value -- Orsun Century City Greets the Times of Subway

Li Ka-shing said, "Factors that determine the real estate value are location, location, and location." This tells the tr...

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