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Orsun Group, founded in 1997, is a conglomerate that concentrates on six industries -- real estate development, business management, culture and education, film and television transmission, leisure travel, as well as financial investment. It’s one of China 's top 100 real estate enterprises.

Our former sage Liang Qichao wrote in “Young China”: The rising sun illuminates the roads with its glowing colors; the rivers surge forward to flow into boundless seas. What a beautiful spectacle! Like the rising sun, Orsun group is not unbearably hot, but moderately warm and bright in color. After more than ten years of snows and storms, Orsun group, under the impact of open and reform policy, keeps abreast with China which experiences great reforms...

Wu Jiangang
President of Orsun group

2016 Group Honors

Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises in China

Top 10 Real Estate Enterprises with Highest Brand Value in Central China

Wuhan’s Top 10 Real Estate Enterprises in terms of Comprehensive Strength in 2015

Hubei’s Top 30 Real Estate Enterprises in 2016 -- Top 10 in terms of Comprehensive Cases

Enshi Orsun Century City

China’s Top 10 Residential Projects in terms of Brand Value in 2016

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